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Art Carts

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I know what you're thinking - what in the world is an art cart?! Well, It's an extremely helpful and accessible way to store and use craft and art supplies. Whether it's filled with crafts for kiddos or supplies for a hobby, it's the perfect mobile storage solution for all the little bits and pieces needed to make an office space functional - which of course, is what we strive for in any space!

Here are some advantages of having an art cart:

  • Can easily be tucked away

  • Easily transferrable (can roll it around to other rooms)

  • Looks nice to leave out (if well-kept)

  • Items are always placed vertically instead of in a stack which makes everything easily accessible

  • Helps motivate and remind kids to put things in their designated place

  • Motivates creativity through easy access as a mobile creativity center

  • Also functions as mobile classroom during quarantine

  • Could be a mobile office for you

  • Can be used for anything!

Now let's figure out how to make one!

Step 1 - 3-tier Cart

Of course, an art cart needs the cart part! Without the cart there isn't anything to organize on or to make it mobile. A rolling cart is key to make this project what it could be!

Here is our cart of choice:

Step 2 - Cart Organizers

Next, the whole point of an art cart is to maintain a method to the madness. So deciding what your method will look like is essential. This may be a great time to lay out all of the items you'd like to keep in your art cart to determine what kind(s) of organization bins and stands you need to maintain an easy way for keeping everything in its place.

Tip: Stand everything up (even flat items like coloring books)! If anything is laying down, it becomes more difficult to find and easy to cause disarray.

Here's the organizers I used:

Step 3 - Fill, Label, + Store!

All that's left is to add the finishing touches and fill 'er up! Try to label each shelf with some basic item info for that shelf. You don't need 5 labels per shelf, though! Instead, try printing a label for inside each of the inserts as pictured above. and a simple label for the side view to know what level to search for something specific.

Here's what you'll need for labelling:

We hope you just adore your new portable art studio and your whole family benefits from the ease and organization of it. Let us know what you think of it on our Instagram at @azhouseoforder! We hope you join us for future tips and tricks!

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