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The full service package starts with a consultation and includes space planning, shopping for products, organizing, cleaning up, and making returns. Your input during the consultation helps us get to know how your household operates. We can then plan for a system that is tailored for your family and meant to last. Pricing proposal is put together following the consultation.



​If you love a good DIY project, but you need a little direction when it comes to organizing - this package is for you! By using pictures, video, FaceTime, and email, we'll study your space and brainstorm how to transform it! You'll receive a "map" for your project, step-by-step instructions, plus a list of links for products that would function well and look nice in your home. *MOST spaces fall within the $250 price point. A different price might be necessary for larger projects.


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"You might think this post is about how happy I am with my pantry. And you'd be right. But it's also about allowing others to help you. I think we often feel like we should be able to do it all. I should be able to organize my pantry. There are so many resources out there to help you DIY, right? And so we can feel guilty asking for help. Or spending money on something we could do ourself. We each have our own unique gifts and talents. We should share them. And let others share theirs with us. I'm so happy I hired AZ House of Order to help with my pantry situation. It's going to make meal planning/prepping/grocery shopping so much easier for me! And I'm so motivated to organize/clean out the rest of my house."  ~Kristen G.


You guys!!! If you have any organizing needs at all, you must contact AZ House of Order. As embarrassing as it is to show the before pictures, it's totally worth it to show off the amazing after pictures!! Shalae and her team were wonderful and did an absolute beautiful job. I feel like I can breathe again. Even our dog felt the difference ;) Thank you so much Shalae, Jamie, and Suzanne!! You ladies are miracle workers and angels.

Carla, full service client


Shalae Price

Hi, my name is Shalae and I'm a chronic re-organizer! 

I often find myself staring at a space in my home (and sometimes other peoples' homes as well) ... and brainstorming ways to improve it. Walking through model homes is a hobby of mine, and when I go - I imagine how I would use each space inside - including closets, pantries, and other areas used for storage! I thrive on the challenge of combining function with style. I love organization and I love to make things pretty!

My favorite thing about this job is seeing a transformation take place inside each client's home. I've always taken an interest in home remodels - because I love a good "before and after". As a professional organizer, I get to be part of a similar process, but with a quicker turn-around. It combines my love for organization and home transformations. What could be better?!

The line I hear most often from clients is, "I'm so embarrassed for you to see this". DON'T BE! Not every corner of my own house is as organized and well-kept as I wish it was! Sometimes it just takes an extra set of hands to get our homes in order - while we're busy taking care of everything else that needs to get done every day.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with whatever organizing needs you might have!

P.S. follow me on instagram to see before & after pictures of some spaces we've transformed! Get there by clicking on any picture from my feed (below).


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