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Our Process

At AZ House of Order, we are dedicated to creating beautifully organized spaces that align with your specific needs. Our entire full-service process is designed to guide you smoothly through each of our 6 steps (listed below), from our initial consultation to the final reveal of your organized home.

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step 1: Consultation

We use video calls to consult with you about areas of your home (or office) that you need help with. During this call, our project managers will answer any questions you have about our pricing and how our process works. They will discuss some things our team can do to get it organized better. We love it when you have an idea of what you'd like your space to look like (inspo pictures are great)!


step 2: Client Agreement & Deposit

After the consultation, you'll receive by email: our client agreement and a pay link to make a deposit. If our process, pricing, and organizing style fits your needs and budget... signing the agreement and making the deposit will send your project into our planning and designing phase. ($500 deposit required for 1-2 spaces; $1000 deposit required for 3+ spaces.)


step 3: Customized Planning & Designing

Our project managers will be in contact with you to get measurements for the areas in your home that we will be organizing.

With measurements of your space and any requests you’ve given for the aesthetic you’d like, our project managers will make a plan specific to your home! With that plan, we place orders for all products that we don’t currently have in our inventory.

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step 4: Schedule Organizing Day(s)

We wait until products are ordered before scheduling our team to organizing in your home or office, to ensure that we will have everything we need by that date. FYI: we like to arrive at your home or office by 9:00 - 9:30am. We will always have at least 2 organizers working in your home, but usually more! We will arrive with MANY organizing products (we take an initial count), but will also leave with many products when the project is complete!


step 5: Full Service Organizing

We will start the project in your home by pulling everything off of shelves, out of cabinets or boxes (etc), and grouping like-items together. Many items are taken out of packaging before placing them back in an orderly, functional manner. Last, we label (gladly taking your input into consideration)! We return unused product to stores and/or our own inventory after your project is complete.

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step 6: Billing & Payment

Inventory will be taken on leftover products before leaving your home, in order to account for the amount that was used. Your invoice will then be sent by email and will list: the quantities of each product we used in your home; the hours our team spent driving + organizing; and the applied credit for your paid deposit. Your invoice will include a pay link and is due upon delivery.

We will need from you on install day:

  • open space on your counters / floors for pulling everything out and sorting

  • your input on what items can or should be purged (It is helpful if you are able to do an initial purge before we arrive.)

  • cleaning products to dust and wipe down shelves, sweep floors, etc.

  • garbage bags for items that will be donated or purged

  • step-stool and/or ladder for reaching high shelves & cabinets

Our services do not include:

  • attaching any permanent fixture to walls

  • hauling away garbage, donations, or other purged items

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