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5 Favorite Things!

I had the opportunity recently to be the guest "product sharer" on one of my favorite Instagram Accounts: swoonclub! (Find their account here.) They asked me to think about what I would take to a favorite things party, and then share what those items would be. Well, since I'm in the organizing business - of course my mind turned to my favorite organizing products that could be used in ANY HOME - because when you go to a favorite things party, you can't buy a gift for someone specific - you need to think about something anyone and everyone (or most people anyway!) could use.

Here's are the 5 items I chose:

(click on each picture if you're interested in purchasing!)

I'd like to share the videos I prepared when talking about my favorite things, because sometimes typed out words on a blog just don't do it justice when you really love something that's worth sharing!

Aren't organizing products the best? They make me so happy and these 5 are (as I've already said) some of my FAVORITES! I purchase them all regularly and use them in clients' homes as well as my own.

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