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7 Tips for Organizing your Closet

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

When you wake up in the morning, wouldn't it be simply amazing to WANT to go into your closet because its a beautiful space that works for you? Do you think you could ever look forward to picking an outfit out, know exactly where everything is, and actually keep it that way? If you're sitting there thinking 'HA! Something like that could never happen!', friend, I'm writing this for you! Anybody can create a space they'll love and as intimidating as it may seem, it IS possible to feel at peace in every. single. nook and cranny of the place you live.

1. Coordinate Colors and Length

Is this a bit OCD? Well, yes. Does this actually help? Weirdly enough, YES! If you walk into your closet with the intent of finding your purple tank top you got from Mexico four years ago, chances are, it'll be hanging out with the other purple tops in the shorter sleeve section! The last thing you want when you're in a rush and know exactly what you want to wear, but need to play a game of Where's Waldo to get out the door.

Now, how you decide to coordinate your closet is up to you! But keep in mind - many of us know how we learn. Often this impacts our ability to absorb what is in front of us to then process what steps are next (for example, choosing an outfit). Here are your options:

  • By Length - Because we read from left to right, organizing your closet by length can be a huge help to linguistic, naturalist, logical, or musical learners, because absorbing information left to right (like you're reading) is often easier to absorb for these groups.

  • By Color - This is extremely helpful to those who are particularly in tune with feelings and emotions, particularly inter- and intra-personal learners, and sometimes kinesthetic learners.

  • By Color and Length - Often those who have two or more learning types have a better time digesting things that are aesthetically pleasing, or prefer texture in what they're looking at will love the result of caring out both color and length organization. These learners tend to be spacial, some kinesthetic, and countless combinations.

2. Find a Space to Fit ALL of One Category of Clothing

(Ex: Hats, shoes, jackets, dresses) (use thin velvet hangers to maximize any space)

When deciding where to put your clothes, decide what you're finding a place for and pile up all of the items in this category. For example, if you're organizing your shoes, pile up all of the shoes you own to get a good idea of how much you own. By doing this with coats, hats, dresses, etc., you will feel better prepared to guesstimate where it'll all comfortably fit in any given space.

Afraid you don't have enough space? Here are some of our favorite space-savers for your wardrobe:

  • Thin Velvet Hangers - Velvet grips clothing into place and the space-saving power of a thin hanger is unbelievable!

  • Shoe Boxes - Not only organizes, but keeps pairs together and provides ease for taking them out and putting them away.

  • Shoe Shelf - Works for not only shoes, but hats, layering clothes, bins, and more!

3. File Fold When Possible

Have you heard of Marie Kondo? We've talked about her before and we'll talk about her again! This organization guru feels it necessary that when looking at your clothing options, you should be able to see ALL of your options! But how?

We love what we like to call the "file fold" for all clothing. just like a file cabinet, you can look into a bin or drawer and see all of your options from a bird's-eye view. Here's how it looks from the top:

Here's how we like to do the file fold:

Marie Kondo's video tutorial - found HERE - is perfect for learning how to fold multiple kinds of clothing items in a way where they can all be seen!

We like to store clothes folded this way with:

4. Hang Hats, Purses, and Rewearable Clothes

You know "that chair"? The one where you throw your clothes that were only on for like an hour or you brought out with you and didn't end up wearing? That chair has GOT to go! Not only does it clutter your living area, but it attracts the eye to it and takes away from your beautiful home!

Our solution: Hang it. Hang anything. Hang everything. If it's difficult to organize or find a solution for, like so many who have oddly-shaped hats or purses, hang it! Don't force a storage solution when you have wall space to spare. Display all you have on a wall so you can still see all of the options available (even if you did wear it for an hour!)

Here are some of the ways we like to hang clothing:

  • Wire Command Hooks - They don't damage the wall and its easy to add more as your collection expands! (Good option for hats)

  • Wreath Hooks - For bags and clothes to be sure they don't fall from excess weight

  • 4-sort Dividers - For purses if you have an available shelf!

  • Acrylic Shelf Dividers - for keeping your purses upright and divided

5. Store Accessories and Jewelry Close to Your Clothes

I know this sounds crazy, but have you thought about keeping your jewelry in your closet? This can create a one-stop shop type of feeling while getting ready. Not only will it save time, it will streamline the process of trying out different combinations of clothes & jewelry / accessories together!

Here are our favorite closet-worthy jewelry solutions:

6. Move Out of Season Clothes Out, or at least out of the prime, easy-to-reach areas

If you have clothes in your closet that don't get worn for 3+ months, there is NO reason to keep them front and center in your closet! Whether you put these garments in an airtight container or storage bin, by putting it in your garage, basement, another closet, or heck, even a shelf at the top of your closet, you'll have a much better idea of what your options are. Why overload your brain with your wardrobe filled with decisions on clothing items that won't even be in question during some times of the year? With less options in front of your face, you don't have to be nervous to open your closet for decision time in the morning!

7. Love Everything You Own - Get Rid of What you Don't

When you open your closet, you should feel excited to put the clothes that you see on your person. The feeling of intense anticipation when you're picking out which dress you bought online that you want to finally show off is how you should feel whenever you pick out an outfit - aka: too many amazing options to choose from!

Everything you own should make you feel comfortable and confident while truly showcasing your style and personality! If your closet doesn't do exactly that for you right now, we highly recommend you follow Marie Kondo's Konmarie Organization Method to clean out your space of all things that do not bring you joy or make you excited.

We hope this clothing organization guide helped you spruce up your space and feel ready to take on the task of picking out an outfit every day! We hope you not only love the environment your clothes now create, but also feel like your every day is now streamlined.

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