Chalkboard Tape labels

Updated: May 10, 2019

One question I've been asked many times lately... is "what label maker did you use?" (on organizing jobs). Is "Rachel" an acceptable answer? Haha! Rachel is my labeling girl and her handwriting is so perfect... it fools people into thinking I found a label maker that prints on extra large label tape. I do wish I could get my hands on such a machine... but I haven't found it yet!

Organization by the AZ House of Order team. Believe it or not, those labels are hand-written!

This is Rachel, making the magic happen with chalkboard tape and a chalk marker!

Here's my favorite product to use for black sticker/tape labeling:

Most of the bins/canisters we label hold a 3" or 4" (in length) label well. I use my paper cutter to measure the length and line it up for a straight-line cut:

The width of the chalkboard tape roll sometimes works well for labeling (proportionately speaking); but sometimes it doesn't. To get a "skinnier" label, measure the width and just cut that in half. Make sure to use a paper cutter for a straight cut!

We always arrive on the job with a few sizes of labels available to see what looks best and works best!

Rachel uses a chalk marker on the chalkboard tape, and offers a variety of fonts:

So, there you have it! Find yourself a roll of chalkboard tape, a paper cutter, a chalk marker, and a "Rachel"... and you can duplicate the label-maker look on your own organizing projects!

Other products seen in the picture above:

Happy organizing (and labeling)!


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