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Christmas Gifts for Him

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Some people ADORE Christmas shopping, but if you're like me, you dread a house full of objects you'll have to get rid of eventually because there's simply no use for them aside from taking up space! Maybe it's because I organize and regularly purge items from people's homes for a living, but I thought, "why not curate a list of products that are not only useful, but also beautiful and support some of my favorite businesses (plus some Amazon faves)?!" Every single thing from the lists I've made have some aspect of practicality to it - so you won't have a home full of clutter, but things you can use time and time again!

Tough Apparel - $14 - $40

You can find quality ties, shirts, belts, socks, face masks and more at GREAT prices from Tough Apparel. Their products really are made tough and meant to last! Last Christmas I gifted my husband several items from Tough Apparel - he really likes the ratchet belts, ties, and socks!

Loopy Case - $5 - $39

If you haven't heard of Loopy before, where've you been?! Their phone cases and accessories offer protection and style! They have several masculine options for men, too!


Nomad Accessories - $35 - $150

Whether we're talking about phone cases, iPad cases, AirPods cases, or watch bands, NOMAD has it all, and their products are GOOD! I am gifting my husband their leather cases for all of his apple devices this year, and currently wearing their leather bands with my Apple Watch. Check out their site to see what else they have to offer!

Men can be hard to shop for, so I try to think in terms of practicality and upgrade some of the things they use everyday. Iron Flask makes great water bottles with several sizes, lid/straw options. many colors, etc. Grab one or two for the guy in your life that likes to use reusable water bottles!

I like this charging station because of it's triple threat design to charge your apple watch, iPhone, and AirPods together! The cords tuck away under the charging station for a clutter-free bedside table!

This massager is AMAZING! My husband likes it for the heat factor and deep massaging capabilities. When you gift it to your spouse, you're giving yourself a great gift too, if you can ever sneak it away!

Loud & clear sound comes from this compact speaker. Then men in your life will want to take it everywhere with them - in the garage, the shower, on outings, etc.

For the man that loves to be organized: this basic label maker is easy to use, inexpensive, and perfect for subtle labels that will help him find his things and put them away where they go!

Bern Helmets- $40 - $120

Boys & men like to look "cool" when they're riding! With helmets from Bern, they can protect themselves AND look cool while doing it! I own a Bern helmet myself and can tell you it's also very comfortable, so that's a plus! Browse the Bern website here to pick a helmet style that the man on your list will love!

**Save 15% off your entire order when you use code HouseOfOrder!**

The ultimate gift on Christmas morning - would be to find out that your significant other has major transformation coming their way! Surprise your husband or boyfriend with an appointment with Classy Closets, and help him get the garage or closet remodeled! (And then, get AZ House of Order over to organize your new space... wink wink!)

This portable charger makes a great stocking stuffer for men! It's great on vacations or even for every-day use! It charges phones and devices when you're away from other power sources like outlets or car chargers. I would think that any outdoorsman would LOVE this, as power sources aren't alway reliable when you're hiking/camping/fishing/hunting etc!

Electric toothbrushes really do clean our teeth better - but I don't like having cords on my counter, or chargers in my bathroom drawer. The Quip brush is battery powered! To make life simple, you can subscribe to getting a replacement head and batteries shipped to you every 3 months, so you don't have to go to the store for a toothbrush ever again!


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