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Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Some people ADORE Christmas shopping, but if you're like me, you dread a house full of objects you'll have to get rid of eventually because there's simply no use for it aside from taking up space! Maybe it's because I organize and regularly purge items from people's homes for a living, but I thought, "why not curate a list of products that are not only useful, but also beautiful and support some of my favorite businesses (plus some Amazon faves)?!" Every single thing from the lists I've made have some aspect of practicality to it - so you won't have a home full of clutter, but things you can use time and time again!

It might be too late this year to order electric bikes for your family, but just in case you can find any in stock somewhere... you will NOT regret the purchase! My family purchased bikes earlier this year (waited months for them to arrive), and we LOVE to ride them together. This is the bike I own - and I see that Blix is having a Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, so maybe, just maybe, you'd be able to get one in time for Christmas?!

Bern helmets - $40 - $120

With our electric bikes, we also ordered Bern helmets to keep ourselves safe. They're comfortable, a good price point, comfortable, and look as stylish as you can get wearing a helmet! If your family members are into skating, rollerblading, bike riding, snowboarding, water sports, etc... you NEED helmets from Bern! Find helmets for your whole family here.

**Save 15% off your entire order when you use code HouseOfOrder!**

Sometimes, group experiences & fun activities win when it comes to gift giving! Making memories > accumulating more "things"! Check out Escape The Room and pick a theme for the mystery you'll solve with the rest of your family members after Christmas this year!

How fun would it be to do something out-of-the-ordinary with your family, the week following Christmas when you're not sure what else to do?! I like to give some type of "ticket" to a game, concert, "Disney on Ice", or something similar - in my family member's stockings. This year, there aren't too many options for games, concerts, etc - with physical distancing measures in place. A hot air balloon ride with just your family members isn't off limits, though! Check out HOT AIR EXPEDITIONS if you're local in Arizona, or look for other hot air balloon opportunities near you, wherever you are!

I don't know how I lived without my Alexa-enabling devices for 35 years of my life! The Echo Show 8 is especially great because of it's screen - it allows you to set alarms / timers, listen to music, play games, place and receive video calls, and more! I use mine the most for playing music - and I love seeing the lyrics on the screen!

My parents have surprised my siblings and I (and now also our spouses and kids) so many times on Christmas, with plans for taking a trip together. Those are the gifts that keep on giving. It's fun to throw in something to open with a surprise like that, and I would suggest packing cubes for the whole family, if you're planning a trip! To & Fro makes packing cubes for men, women, boys and girls - in many different prints that are so fun!

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