Garage Organization

Updated: May 10, 2019

My husband and I organized our garage recently. It looks and functions 100 times better than before! While I don't offer garage organizing as part of my services (yet!), I want to share how we planned for this project so that you can do the same if you're looking for tips. I asked my instagram followers what questions they had on the topic, so I'll be answering those questions in this post as well.

QUESTION: “How do you decide what areas to put everything?"

We have a 2-car garage but only park one car inside. We decided that anything we didn't need often would be kept next to the car, inside of labeled bins (and on shelves); and other items we use more frequently would be kept on the side that is always open. My husband wanted to be able to use his workbench in the garage without having to move the car out, so that can be found on the right side, away from the car.

Here are some before shots of the garage (I wish I had taken better pictures)...

BEFORE the garage transformation
The "workbench" area of our garage used to sit on the same side that the car gets parked on. This didn't work well for us since work couldn't be done inside the garage with the car parked inside also.

BEFORE the garage transformation
The "storage" side of the garage used to lie on the right side, away from where the car was parked.

We didn't like the tall cabinets that used to store all our "stuff". The shelves inside were warped from holding heavy items. Also, I really like to use bins for storage but cabinet doors and shelves place limits on the size and weight of bins you can use. Industrial, adjustable shelving was a better option for us.

QUESTION: "Where to find sturdy shelves?"