Go shopping... in your own home!

Updated: May 10, 2019

Organizing a space with the best functioning products can get expensive. One way to save money is to "go shopping" in your own home. Look around for bins and baskets that can be repurposed. We organized and styled this pantry that had 5 baskets spread throughout...


I came to find out that the residents had 3 more of these same baskets in other parts of the home. The 8 total baskets were the perfect size for filling 2 of the pantry shelves. Had we used all new bins (white like the ones on the bottom shelf) - in place of the natural baskets they already had, the homeowners would've spent an extra $80 on products.

Pantry organized and styled by AZ House of Order
Pantry organized and styled by AZ House of Order

I don't typically like to "style" a space with mis-matched items that vary in size and style, but if you have several of the same pieces (like this client did) - see if you can save money and make use of what you already own!

Organizing products used in this pantry:

The client shared that she bought the 8 baskets from Target a few years ago. You can find other water hyacinth storage baskets from The Container Store, but they aren't the exact same.