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Group your containers

Pretty pantries are all the rage right now! I have a simple tip for improving the look of your pantry: collect matching containers and group them together. The picture below illustrates what I mean by that. We used several different types of containment in this pantry, but placed all baskets together / all air-tight canisters together / open-front stacking bins together, and so on.

Several of my clients have made a great start before enlisting my organizing help, by using containers to group their different pantry categories together. The problem I usually see - is that the containers they buy are placed in random places throughout the pantry, with loose items floating around on the shelves... OR the containers are all different and create a cluttered look (not to mention, mismatched containers make it hard to maximize the space on your shelves).

You'll be more likely to keep your pantry organized when it looks pretty. You'll be more likely to keep it looking pretty - if there isn't an option to place a box of crackers just anywhere you can find open space. You can take away that option by lining matching containers up right next to each other on the shelves.

The two examples above show the same collections of baskets used together in vertical / column groupings. Sometimes that makes the most sense, and other times it makes more sense to group containment in a horizontal configuration, where each shelf houses a different type of container - and all containers on a shelf line up well with each other (as seen in the following few pictures).

The remaining pictures show pantries that use several different types / sizes of bins and other containment. That's ok! Just keep the matching items next to each other on the shelves, and you'll achieve that "pretty pantry" status!

Even if you're using basic baskets without much visual appeal - they will look so much better when they're grouped together and lined up in your pantry. If you currently have baskets here and there in your pantry, try lining them up together, leaving equal space in between or none at all!

*Extra tip: If your baskets are in the same "family" but different sizes, try to use them symmetrically. I always like to place the taller items in the middle and work my way out.

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