How I Painted My Bathroom Tile DIY

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Who loves staring at ugly bathroom tile? Nobody, duh! For the 5+ years that I've lived in my home, I have been looking at the ugliest tile in all of my bathrooms. If you've lived in your home for a while like I have, I'm sure there's something like tiles staring at you every. single. day. These tiles were like.... really bad! If you don't believe me... just take a look:

This is the color and type of tile/grout that can never look clean. It's not something I would EVER choose, but spending the money to tear it out and replace it has never been much of a priority to me either! I had seen other people paint over their tile, but honestly I was pretty intimidated by the thought of doing that. In our hall bathroom, I did the best I could to cover the tile with a long rug - but because it didn't cover every inch of tile, I wasn't satisfied. I knew that the only way to make that bathroom halfway decent was to replace the tile. But then I thought, 'what if I transform it?!'

Here's Some Background...

When COVID-19 hit and I was suddenly spending more time at home than usual, I had the thought that it was probably time to knock some of those "someday I'll get around to it" projects off my list. I knew deep down that I didn't have much to lose even if my attempt at painting the bathroom floors backfired on me. So I went for it and didn't look back.

I'm here with some good news for you... even if you have textured floors and sloppy grout lines that aren't straight, you are capable of completely transforming them with floor paint! My husband was highly doubting the process and was totally surprised & pleased with the results when it was finished. I completed our tiny powder bathroom floor and loved it enough to do a much bigger hall bathroom. Let me share how it went...

The Inspiration + Process

The inspiration for my powder bathroom came from a beautiful home in the Salt Lake Valley Parade of Homes which I toured several years ago. I took a picture of the flooring and held onto it for what seemed like a lifetime! It never became less appealing to me, so I ordered a stencil with the pattern, while fitting it perfectly to my size of tiles. I found a company on Etsy called "Pearl Design Studio" with several options for stencils. (I can see that this company is taking a break from fulfilling orders, but I found another stencil just like mine that I'll link below.) All I had to do was provide dimensions for one square of tile. They then sent me a custom-made reusable, laser-cut stencil. I would describe it as a flexible, durable plastic that could somewhat bend when necessary (in corners, against walls, around the toilet and the pedestal sink). I used one single stencil for the whole job, washing it in between each square of tile. (That was the worst part of the process to be honest.)

This is the link for the similar stencil pattern I used, but you'll see that there are many other patterns to choose from!

The Supplies

  • Krud Kutter

  • Rust-Oleum Rocksolid Floor Paint - for BASE COAT in your choice of color (**I used the "tint" base" which gave my floors the white base.)

  • Black Chalkboard Paint - this is what I used for the black pattern in my powder bathroom, because I already had it. If you want to add a pattern (ie a different color will be needed), I would tint the base coat paint with your chosen color. This paint is truly made for floors!