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Let it Go!

I don't consider myself a minimalist even though I'm an organizer. Like most people, I too have a hard time parting with things I don't ever use, don't fit into anymore, or don't need.

We (myself included) can find ourselves emotionally attached to things without being able to explain why!

Part of organizing, however includes purging to make room for the things that really matter. If you're planning to get ANY space in your home organized, be prepared to have a "let it go" pile as you sorting through your stuff!

I've gathered a few quotes and suggestions to think about when it's time to clean out closets, cupboards, boxes, and drawers. I hope something you read here will give you the determination to declutter!

I can't close this post without recommending books by Marie Kondo... her books are very inspiring and helpful if you need help letting things go (who doesn't?)!

From The KonMari Method is pro organizer Marie Kondo's minimalism-inspired approach to tackling your stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. The goal of the KonMari Method is to have a house full of items that spark joy.

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