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mDesign Organizing Products

For my sister's birthday last week, I transformed her pantry! This was a surprise for her, so I didn't ask what her preferences would be as far as the style goes. I figured that I couldn't go wrong by matching the organizing products to the colors she's used in her kitchen. Her pantry door is painted gray, so I opted for gray metal baskets, mixed with clear acrylic organizing products. mDesign carries a great line of "farmhouse" metal wire products (shown in these pictures).

mDesign just launched their brand new website, and I LOVE everything they have to offer. You can organize any drawer, cabinet, closet, or room in your house using their products, AND make it look good! My sister already had the big canisters holding her flour and sugar - but all other organizing products used in her pantry came from mDesign. Let me show you what I used!


products used in this pantry:

(click on each picture for more info)




Check out mdesign's new website & also follow them on Instagram - they're always posting inspiring pictures that will help you realize how many solutions there are to your home storage problems!

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