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Modular storage containers

Maximize your storage space by using products that are made to work together. I've picked out six different lines of my favorite modular organizing products to share with you. As a bonus, I'm also sharing my favorite label maker - since you'll need to get those containers labeled after organizing your space(s)!

1. The black stacker totes with latch lids by STERILITE come in several sizes that all stack on top of each other perfectly. I love using these in my garage. Find them here.

2. The "FLIP-TITE" line by Better Homes and Gardens (found at Walmart) ... these are air-tight canisters for dry goods. I've used 3 different sized containers in this picture (some are sitting on a shelf riser)... but because all lids and all bases are the same size, they're made to securely stack on top of each other. You can find each size sold separately (as well as additional sizes) in stores... or you can buy a 3-piece box set online here.

3. Drawers and open bins are made to stack together in this "LIKE-IT" collection, found at The Container Store. I like that there are options for wide drawers AND narrow drawers (found here); and also bins that stack on top of the drawers (found here). Sidenote: the LIKE-IT drawers and bins are also available in a "smoke gray" color.

4. When it comes to storage boxes with lids, the "OUR clear storage boxes" line from The Container Store can't be beat. You can find boxes in 10 different sizes and all are made to stack perfectly with at least one other size in the same line. I always recommend to be consistent with the products you buy for your home, and using the OUR bins is a great way to do that, since you can find a size for (almost) anything you need to store in a box! Check out the collection here.

5. These stackable, divided bins come in all different heights, widths, and depths. As you might guess: they're made to stack on top of each other! What's extra nice bout these containers - is that they have wheels on the bottom for easy sliding, and the dividers are adjustable / removable! You really get to customize your shelves or cabinets when using these products, found here.

6. The KUGGIS line from IKEA provides all the same benefits as the other modular products mentioned already: different sized containers stack on top of each other to save space and maximize storage areas! Believe it or not, there is one more very large sized box that could be added to this tetris equation... check out IKEA's KUGGIS line to see more here.

BONUS: I'm linking my favorite label maker found on my amazon page here... if you go to my list titled "labeling supplies", you can find this label maker as well as several tape options in different colors! Labeling your containers is the key to maintaining your organization!

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