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Natural + Black Pantry

I'm loving the natural / bamboo / wooden / water hyacinth look for pantries. Next time I makeover my own (!), I plan to incorporate some of the same products we used in this pantry (seen below) because the aesthetic is timeless and coordinates with any other accent color - white / black / silver / gold / (etc).

The client for this project chose black for her labels, which I love because her kitchen (being remodeled at the time of this project) will include black countertops. I love when a pantry's style matches the kitchen it's part of.

The black baskets in the picture above are called "Yamazaki Black Tosca Baskets With Wooden Handles." Those baskets are meant to hold all bread and produce items in this pantry, which will free up space on the kitchen counters. I like to use see-through baskets for those items since they hold food that has the potential to go bad quickly. You don't want to risk forgetting about a small bag of bread or produce that sits in the bottom of a non-revealing basket!

The shelves in this pantry are 15" deep, making them barely too shallow for the depth of the MEDIUM water hyacinth baskets. We felt it was best to use medium on the shelves anyway, to maximize the use of spacing available. We used LARGE water hyacinth bins on the ground, and a few SMALL bins up higher - holding things that are lightweight and don't get used often.

You're looking at a few products that get used in almost EVERY SINGLE PANTRY we organize: lazy Susan turntables, and shelf expanders! We used 14" bamboo turntables and the MEGA "expand-a-shelf" for cans!

Our client really liked the look of the open-front wooden bins and I really liked the way they coordinated with all other products in this pantry! It's nice when your shelf spacing allows for stacking bins like this!

Also, we used the Flip-Tite line of air-tight containers, from Better Homes and Gardens and sold at Walmart. I love this line as it's more affordable than other brands and comes in so many different sizes. The downside to the flip-tite containers however, is that they can't be purchased online. It might take several trips to Walmart (several locations if necessary) to find what you need when it comes to the flip-tite containers.



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