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Organizing Habits

I gave a presentation on organization earlier this week. Besides giving tips about organizing in each room of the house, I also talked about the habits of organized people. The habits can be summed up into 2 statements:

habits of organized people

Let's break those statements down...

1) They have a place for everything

a. Each item in their house has a designated spot and things are put away when not in use.

b. Their schedule is written down on calendars / to-do lists etc.

c. Their goals are written down instead of floating around in their head.

d. They clear clutter not only in their homes, but also in their car, inbox, and brain! Again … everything has a place to go.

2) They don’t leave things "undone" or out of place

a. They end each day with a picked up home, and a vision for what needs done the next day.

b. They stay on top of household chores like laundry, dishes etc.

c. They have a regular schedule / routine for getting things done (laundry / grocery shopping etc).

d. They purge when necessary.

organizing tips

Have you ever heard the phrase "A place for everything, and everything in its place"? That catch-phrase perfectly describes the habits of organized people: they have a place for everything, and everything is put away when not in use.

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