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Using Vertical Space

I don't know about you, but I love clean and clear surfaces like counters and desktops. I like the look of simplicity; the way I can function / work without things in my way; and the ease of wiping down and cleaning the surfaces. I accomplished this in my bathroom by storing several of the items I use daily on an open wall rather than on the counter.

(Often-used bathroom items are easily accessible AND off the counter. WIN-WIN!)

Using vertical space to store your belongings is a great way to keep surfaces clear. If you're struggling to fit everything in your cabinets or drawers... look around for empty wall space. I've done that throughout several rooms in my home. In each instance, I've installed shelves and placed bins, boxes, baskets, and other products to hold my supplies. I enjoy matching the organizing products with the aesthetic of each room as you'll see...

(home office)

(laundry room)

(laundry room)

(kids' homework / craft desk)


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