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White Styled Pantries

Updated: May 10, 2019

white pantry
"so fresh and so clean" pantry organized & styled by the AZ House of Order team

The majority of my clients request "all white" when discussing the style for their pantry transformation. They love the fresh & clean look (I don't blame them)! Let me share with you a few of my favorite **WHITE** organizing products!

The white "Pluggis" bins from IKEA are awesome! I use the 4-gallon size most often as it's taller and therefore covers up more of the packaging of items placed inside. The smaller, 3.5 gallon bin is almost the exact same size as far as length and width - it's just not as tall. When I use the 3.5 gallon Pluggis bin in a pantry, it's usually on an upper shelf!

The "bread basket" bins seen in the white pantry picture above, are from Target and are actually called "kitchen cabinet organizer baskets". I like placing bread and produce in baskets like this, that allow the user to see what's inside. These cute white metal baskets come in 2 sizes. The "small" is more of a square shape, and the "large" is longer than it is wide.

Lazy susans / turntables are another favorite product of mine when it comes to pantry organization. The Made By Design products from Target include a few sizes: 10" and 15". The 10" round turntables usually work best in upper kitchen cabinets, but if the pantry shelves are at least 15" deep, I almost always use the large (15") size from this line. They rotate smoothly and I like the amount of "lip" around the edge... it keeps the contents from sliding off but isn't too tall.

(The glass jars in the pantry photo were not provided by AZ House of Order.)

{see IKEA & Target websites for more info on product dimensions & pricing}

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